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Especially great for Alaska!

Having a metal roof and gutters can be a scary combination when the snow decides to let loose.  The design of a gutter allows it to catch water coming off the roof, unfortunately, that design leaves a nice lip on which a miniature avalanche can wreak havoc.  The most common solution for this is either snow stops or snow hooks.  But what if you have an extreme pitch or just don’t want the load of the snow staying on your roof?  Premier Gutter Cover is a guaranteed solution to these issues, and can greatly benefit your metal-roofed home.

We are proud to be the Alaska distributor for Premier Gutter Cover.  They are efficient, attractive and affordable.  Here are a few of the great benefits of installing these gutter covers.

  • Self-cleaning design
  • Installs on ALL new or existing gutter styles
  • Works on ALL types of roofs: slate, wood, shake, tile, even metal
  • Extends the life of your gutter system
  • Never clean your gutters again, and eliminated clogged downspouts
  • Made of rust-free aluminum with a powder-coat finish
  • Low-profile look for your home
  • Combines the strengths of gutter covers and screens while eliminating the weaknesses of both
  • Heat tape can be added for de-icing systems
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • We provide a lifetime guarantee you will NEVER have to clean your gutters again!

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Did you know?

Drip edge, or flashing, is often missing, but always recommended on homes.  Simply a piece of metal, drip edge extends under your roofing material, down your fascia, and into the gutter.  The purpose of this is to eliminate water from wicking up the underside of the roofing and running down between the fascia and gutter.  While this is normally installed before it is roofed, it can be added at the time of gutter installation.  However, with the advanced design of Premier Gutter Cover, there is no need for it.  Premier Gutter Cover slips up under your roofing and attaches to the front lip of the gutter.  It has an expanded metal screen at the front to allow water to flow in while debris washes away with its self-cleaning design.

Have these great covers installed along with your gutter and eliminate the need for drip edge.

Premier Gutter Cover