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Why should I install gutters on my home?
Gutters are installed to protect your homes foundation, walkways and siding.  It also prevents ice build-up and splash stains to the finish on your siding.

Why do plastic gutters seem so susceptible to leaks?
In Fairbanks, sometimes with a 150 degree temperature differential, the plastic sections expand and contract separately from one another, literally ripping the caulked seams apart.  Also, most plastic gutter designs hold the back of the gutter away from the fascia, making it nearly impossible to get the gutter behind the drip edge, which in turn allows some water to wick back and run down the fascia board behind the gutter.

Will the gutters overflow with snow runoff or rain?
The wide, 5” design of our gutters allows for an over-sized downspout outlet sleeve.  Although one standard 2” x 3” downspout can easily support most roofs with the local rain fall, a constricted gutter to downspout connection creates a bottleneck effect, causing gutters with small, undersized outlets to overflow in a heavy rainfall.  Our gutters have a larger gutter to downspout connection, insuring that the gutter won’t overflow in the heaviest rain.

How often should I clean my gutters?
At least twice each year.  If you have a lot of trees near your house, you may need to do it quarterly.  We do sell our lifetime maintenance free guaranteed Premier Gutter Cover.  It can be installed on all metal gutter systems and all roof types.  Premier Gutter Cover installs under your roof and screws to the top of the gutter.  It is powder coated aluminum and we have 6 colors in stock.  Go to Premier Gutter Cover for more information.

Can I install the gutters myself?
Yes, with Seamless Contracting’s Bend & Drop service we will provide you with all the materials needed to complete your project.  We make it easy by offering two ways of delivery: Either pick it up at our shop or we will bring our mobile gutter trailer to you.

How far apart are the hidden hangers attached?
Our hidden hangers are attached one foot from either end and then every two feet.  In some instances, we do need to attach the hangers more frequently.

How long does installation take?
Most jobs can be completed in one day.